11 Nov 2012


  1. Letter from the President
  2. Homecoming Sphinx events and mixer
  3. Fall inductees and class updates
  4. Alumni news
  5. “Sphinx Links” Mentoring Update
  6. LinkedIn Sphinx Group
  7. Sphinx Alumni Fund

1) Letter from the President
Thank you to the Sphinx Board members who have worked so diligently this year on these newsletters, the mentoring program, the first annual Paul Miller Award, upgrading the website (in progress), and other initiatives. We added two new Board of Governor members this summer- John Fiorillo, ’86  and Glen Schuster, ’86. The Graduate Board is enjoying the energy and talent of the 2012-13 undergrad officers Adrienne Edwards (Chief), Dan Gutnayer (Pharisee), and Dana Tom (Scribe). We look forward to seeing you on October 27 at Homecoming or hearing from you. Please Donate to Sphinx so we can continue the Homecoming, Alumni weekend, Annual Dinner and other events.

All the best,


Merrie Frankel, President, Board of Governors, merrie.frankel@moodys.com, on behalf of the 2012-13 Graduate Board of Governors.

Merrie Frankel, ’76 – President; Steve Klitzman, ’66 – Vice President; Dennie Zastrow, ’10 – Treasurer; Samir Malik, ’08 – Secretary; John Fiorillo, ’86; Eileen McKeown, ’10; Kiera Reilly, ’93; Carlos Rodriguez, ’12; Alexis Ruby-Howe, 07; Anita Saggurti, ’12; Glen S. Schuster, ’86; Franklin Shen, ’03; Mike Siegmund, ’82; Greg Suss, ’75

2) Homecoming Sphinx events and mixer
Sphinx at QuakerFest: Join the current Sphinx class and alums at the Sphinx booth on College Green from 11amto 1pm on Saturday, 10/27. Merchandise will be available so you can refresh your wardrobe of Sphinx gear.

Sphinx-Friars Mixer: The Sphinx Board of Governors and the current Sphinx class will be hosting our annualSphinx-Friars Homecoming Mixer on Saturday, October 27th at 4:00pm in the Terrace Room of Claudia Cohen Hall.  Come reconnect with old Sphinx colleagues and meet the current Sphinx class!  There will be a $10 cash door fee to cover the drinks and food.

3) Fall inductees and class updates
Earlier this semester, the current Sphinx class inducted the fall members of the Sphinx Class of ’13. Please extend our welcome to the newest members of the community:

    • Sam Pasternack, Punchbowl & Penn Band
    • Jordan Lowe, The Inspiration
    • Alec Miller, NEC
    • Gabriel Oriente, Wharton Council
    • Lee Marcus, CSSP
    • Kat Muller, SCOUT Banana
    • Amy Lopez, meCHA

Here is a picture of the completed new class of ’13:

4) Alumni News
Ryan Hayward, ’07, debuts his startup: http://techcrunch.com/2012/09/26/if-you-can-think-it-you-can-buy-it-makeably-debuts-a-marketplace-for-custom-made-goods/

David Fraga, ’07, helps take his company public:http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/2012/10/shutterstock-celebrates-at-the-new-york-stock-exchange/

UnderTheButton coverage of Senior Societies: http://t.co/ttcf1m0R

Jordan Cooper, ’69, launches his blog: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/pauses-and-moments

Please send any other alumni news you are aware of to Kiera Reilly: kreilly@upenn.edu

5) “Sphinx Links” Mentoring Update

Sphinx Links” Mentoring Program Seeks More Mentors for Sphinx Class of 2013; Matched 17 Sphinx Class of 2012 Graduates With Sphinx Alumni

Interested in mentoring Sphinx seniors, or recent Sphinx alumni? So are we.

The Sphinx Senior Society Board of Governors created the “Sphinx Links” mentoring program in 2010 to offer the career and life advice of experienced Sphinx alumni primarily to recently graduated Sphinx members, but also to other Sphinx alumni.

Sphinx Links made 17 mentoring matches for the Sphinx Class of 2012 and 10 for the Sphinx Class of 2011 with 27Sphinx alumni mentors in more than a dozen professional fields.

Sphinx Links also provided contact information on Sphinx alumni in New York City working in the “government/legal area” to a Sphinx alumnus now working in NYC as a government prosecutor and thinking of making a job change.

The Sphinx alumni advised the recent graduates on their job searches, helped them practice for interviews, and also discussed post-Penn career opportunities, including work, graduate school, public service or volunteer activities.

The new Sphinx Links program has been well received by both mentors and mentees. For example, one alumni mentor wrote his mentee and he “spoke for over an hour yesterday evening. We had a good chat about our backgrounds and his upcoming job search, and I helped him to prep for an interview this week. We definitely intend to keep in touch, especially over the upcoming several weeks during his search. Thanks for connecting us!”

In a similar positive vein, one Class of 2011 mentee now working as a paralegal but planning to apply to law school in 2012 wrote that she found “invaluable” the conversations she’s had so far with both a recent Sphinx alumna who also worked for a year and then started at Harvard Law as well as with a Sphinx alumnus who’s been practicing law in Philadelphia for many years.

The role of a Sphinx Links mentor and your level of involvement will be entirely up to you and your time commitment should be relatively limited. As we state on the Sphinx web site, “you may exchange an occasional email or telephone call, help a student prepare for an interview, counsel a recent graduate entering the job market, advise a fellow Sphinx alumnus or alumna considering a job or career change, provide advice and expertise on an industry, market or profession, or even offer an internship or job.”

Mentors Wanted for Sphinx Class of 2013

Any Sphinx alumnus who would like to be a mentor for a member of the Sphinx Class of 2013, or to get more information on the Sphinx Links program, should contact its Coordinator, Steve Klitzman, C’66, Vice President of the Sphinx Board of Governors, at sklitzma@aol.com, or 202-418-1763.

You can also sign up to be a Sphinx Links mentor at Homecoming during the Oct. 27 reception at 4pm in Claudia Cohen Hall.

To become a mentor for the Sphinx Class of 2013, please also fill out the questionnaire on the Sphinx web site at http://www.sphinxseniorsociety.com/mentoring/

So far, three members of the 30-member Sphinx Class of 2013 have requested mentors in the areas of:

1. “business development in technology, and/or  management consulting in Austin, Tx, Chicago, or the San Francisco Bay area;”
2. “a health-care related clinical research opportunity in Philadelphia before applying for medical school,” and
3.  “real estate development and consulting and/or strategic consulting in the New York City- Philly-D.C. areas.”
4. “international development opportunities” with the IMF, World Bank, or a non-profit, or someone who is an “international policy maker, or a returned Peace Corps volunteer.”
5.  advertising and copywriting in New York City or elsewhere.

If you work in any of these fields and/or locales and are willing to offer your expertise and guidance to one of these members of the Sphinx Class of 2013, please email Steve Klitzman at sklitzma@aol.com, or call Steve at 202-418-1763.

We will also be seeking additional Sphinx alumni mentors in other fields and locales as soon as we receive resumes and career objective and preferred locale information from the remaining 27 members of the Sphinx Class of 2013.

6) LinkedIn Sphinx Group
The Sphinx Board of Governors is trying to create an organized database of our over 1,800 alums. Please join the LinkedIn Group for Sphinx here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=983817. This will help us better keep track of what our fabulous alumni community is up to and find new ways to expand the Sphinx experience beyond our time at Penn.

7) Sphinx Alumni Fund
The Sphinx Alumni Fund has successfully supported and strengthened the activities of the Sphinx Senior Society and the Sphinx alumni community over the past year, and we are now pleased to announce  a new online giving tool.

Contributions are critical to support the current Sphinx class and alumni community. Donations at  any level are greatly appreciated, but suggested levels include:

  • Chief – $250
  • Pharisee – $100
  • Scribe – $50

Please click the link below to donate today:http://www.sphinxseniorsociety.com/sphinx_donate.html

Input Welcome
If you have any alumni news items or suggestions for future Sphinx Newsletters, please email me at samirmm@alumni.upenn.edu.

We encourage you to join our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups – both named Sphinx Senior Society. These are closed groups and only open to members of Sphinx.

As the Penn database is not up to date, we ask you to share this information with your Sphinx classmates. If they did not receive this message, they should email Kiera Reilly, Sphinx ’93, member Sphinx Board of Governors. Kiera can code alumni in the Penn database and add members to this email list.