04 Nov 2013

Society Board President, C’66 and Chief, C’14, Contact 146 Former Chiefs, Pharisees and Scribes

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We hope you’re all doing well and will be pleased to learn that Penn’s Sphinx Senior Society, now in its 113th year, is also thriving.

As you’ll note in the Fall 2013 Homecoming Newsletter, Penn’s oldest and most prestigious honor society, through its 14-member Graduate Board of Governors(BOG) and 30 current undergraduate members, is working hard to:

  • Strengthen outreach to the approximately 1,600 Sphinx alumni
  • Support an active and positive undergraduate program
  • Match Class of 2014 members with Sphinx alumni mentors as part of our three-year old mentoring program, “Sphinx Links”
  • Develop and introduce an online Sphinx class directory to our ever-improving web site, www.sphinxseniorsociety.com
  • Raise $10,000 to support all of the above activities, more than half of which we’ve already raised.

Our current Chief, Max Presser, C’14, was also just featured in an “Ego of the Week” profile in 34th Street Magazine.

Our current undergraduate members have been rallying to support each other at their performances, sporting events, and group events.

They are also looking to start a speaker series to bring distinguished Sphinx alumni to campus to share their knowledge and experience with the Class of 2014 and others on campus. If you are interested in presenting as a part of this speaker series, please email Max Presser at maxpresser@gmail.com .

We also want to highlight for you just a few of our current and ongoing activities described in detail in the attached newsletter and how you can participate in them:

  • COME TO HOMECOMING 2013 – Please plan to join us at our annual Sphinx-Friars joint reception during Homecoming Weekend on Saturday, November 9, 2013, 3:00-4:30 p.m. in Houston Hall, Bodek Lounge, 3914 Spruce Street. Walk right over after the Penn-Princeton football game, celebrate a win we hope, or commiserate over a loss, with your own Sphinx classmates. You can also meet our newest Sphinges, the members of the Class of 2014.
  • BECOME A “SPHINX LINKS” MENTOR – Please consider being a mentor to one of the 30 Class of 2014 undergraduate members.
  • BECOME OR ASSIGN A CLASS NOTES CORRESPONDENT – Please select yourself or one of your classmates to be our Class Notes reporter for future newsletters, emails, etc., and send us the name and contact information and any class notes to sklitzma@aol.com or maxpresser@gmail.com.
  • DONATE TO SPHINX ALUMNI FUND at www.sphinxseniorsociety.com/donate, or mail your check to our Treasurer, John Fiorillo, Esq. W’86, at: 1634 Wildlife Drive, Chester Springs, PA 19425.

And if you can’t make it to Homecoming this year, we hope you’ll email Max at maxpresser@gmail.com or Steve at sklitzma@aol.com with your comments and suggestions as well as contact information for a class notes correspondent and any class notes.

Please also donate to the Sphinx Alumni Fund.

Thanks, Think Sphinx, and Go Quakers!

Steve Klitzman, C’66
President, Sphinx Senior Society Board of Governors
W: 202-418-1763
C: 202-277-9509
H: 301-263-0616

Max Presser, C’14
Chief, Class of 2014