25 Mar 2014

The Sphinx Senior Society Spring 2014 Newsletter is here!


  1. Welcome Message from the President, Board of Governors
  2. Attend Spring Banquet (4/25) and Alumni Weekend Champagne Brunch (5/17)
  3. Read All About It:
    1. Current Sphinx Campus News
    2. Sphinx Alumni Profile: Interview with Steve Bilsky, C’71 and Sphinx ’71, retiring Director of Penn Athletics, by Steve Marmon, C’71, and Sphinx Chief, ’71
    3. Other Alumni News
    4. “Did You Know That…?”
  4. Sign Up for the Sphinx Class Alumni Directory
  5. Visit Campus as a Distinguished Sphinx Alumnus
  6. Mentor a Sphinx Undergraduate
  7. Search and Add to the Sphinx Archives Page [to come from Jennifer Sun 3/15]
  8. Contribute to the Sphinx Alumni Fund
  9. Join the Sphinx Facebook and LinkedIn Groups
  10. Send Us Your News, Comments, and Suggestions