24 Apr 2014

Jok awarded Wooden Citizenship Cup

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On April 22, 2014, Dau Jok (Sphinx Class of 2014) was awarded the Wooden Citizenship Cup by the Athletes for a Better World in Atlanta, GA. As the ABW website explains, “The Wooden Cup is given to a collegiate and a professional athlete who have made the greatest positive influence in the lives of others.┬áThe Wooden Citizenship Cup is given each year to those athletes who have demonstrated the highest level of character and leadership on and off the field, and for their contributions to sport and society.” Furthermore, “This award is the highest award given in sports because it is open to all athletes in all sports, and because it is given not for athletic superiority, but for those athletes who achieve the highest standards of character, leadership and citizenship. Nominations are solicited from all colleges and universities from all divisions.” Read more here and here.