30 Apr 2014

Senior Awards and Leadership Awards 2015

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Five of the eight traditional Senior Awards for men and women at Penn are bering awarded to seniors in the Sphinx Class of 2015:

  • Cane Award: Taylor Culliver, W’15
  • Spade Award: Rishi Simha, W’15
  • Hottel Award: Aariel Koren, C’15
  • Harnwell Award: Joyce Kim, C’15
  • Goddard Award: Victoria Ford, C’15

Additionally, several of the University’s highest leadership awards were also given to members of the Sphinx Class of 2014.

  • Penn Alumni Student Award of Merit: Dau Jok
  • Stephen Wise Award: Mia Garuccio & Muhga Eltigani

These awards will be presented during the Ivy Day Ceremony on May 16, 2015. Other University honors recently presented to the Class of 2014 are noted here and here.