27 Apr 2016

On February 7, 1971, news of the Sphinx decision to welcome women into the Society made the pages of The New York Times. Steve Marmon, C’71, Chief of the Sphinx Class of 1971, is quoted in the article:

A campus honor society today has to honor women as well as men. A decade ago campus organizations discriminated in a manner that made it impossible for women to hold leadership positions. Now women hold an equal place with men in leading and serving the campus, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be equally honored.

The first five women accepted into Sphinx were

Miriam H. Labbock

Adele M. Lindenmeyer

Barbara Z. Perman

Sharon Slotkin

Judith L. Teller

The full list of the Sphinx Class of 1971 is in the alumni section of our website.

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