Each year, the membership of Sphinx selects someone from the Penn community whom they feel embodies the qualities that Sphinx represents–achievement, leadership, commitment, and character–through his or her service to the University. This individual is honored at the spring banquet every April, and becomes an honorary life member of the Sphinx Senior Society.

The following is a partial list of honorary Sphinx members. The year in which they were honored is noted, if known.

Note: This listing is not complete.

If you know of honorary members that are not on this list, or you know some now missing details such as year of induction and/or job title, please let us know at sphinxboardupenn@gmail.com

1903 Persifor Frazer Professor of Chemistry; Pioneering Chemist/Geologist/Naturalist
1903 Henry Laussat Geyelin University Provost (1894-1910)
1903 Charles Custis Harrison University Provost (1894-1910)
1903 Clayton Fotteral McMichael Founder of the Mask & Wig Club
1903 J. Hartley Merrick Secretary to the Board of Trustees
1903 Charles S.W. Packard
1903 Josiah Harmer Penniman First modern University Provost (1921-1939)
1903 Thomas Reath Professor of Medicine at Penn, President of the American College of Physicians
1903 Joseph George Rosengarten University Trustee
1903 Edgar Fahs Smith
1903 J. William White President of Penn’s Athletic Association, University Trustee
1939 Herbert F. Goodrich Vice President of Penn Law
1939 Arnold K. Henry Director of Admissions at Penn
1939 Harl McDonald Director of Penn Glee Club, Manager of the Philadelphia Orchestra
1939 Oliver H. Perry Pepper Professor from 1892-1910, U.S. Senator (1922-1927)
1989 Michael Aiken University Provost
1989 David Brownlee Professor of Art and Architecture History
1995 Judith Seitz Rodin Penn President (1994-2004)
1996 Robert Lucid Professor of English
1997 David Grossman
1999 Beth Hagovsky
2000 Robert Barchi University Provost
2001 Art Casciato
2002 Rodney Robinson Associate Director of Office of Student Affairs
2004 Afaf Meleis Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing
2005 Amy Gutmann University President
2006 John J. DiIulio, Jr. Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society, Fox Leadership Program Director
2008 Bob Schoenberg LGBT Center Director
2009 Maureen Rush Director of Division of Public Safety
2010 David Cohen Chairman of University Board of Trustees
2011 Jon Huntsman, Jr. Governor of Utah, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore and China
2011 Hikaru Kozuma Director of Office of Student Affairs
2012 Craig Carnaroli Executive Vice President of the University
2013 Ezekiel “Zeke” J. Emanuel


Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, Chair of Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy



Eduardo D. Glandt

Justin McDaniel

Nemirovsky Family Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Professor of Religious Studies, Chair, Department of Religious Studies, and Undergraduate Studies Chair

2016 Dr. Vincent Price

Dr. L. Larry Jameson

Penn Provost, Steven H. Chaffee Professor of Communication in the Annenberg School for Communication and Professor of Political Science in the School of Arts & Sciences

Dean, Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine, and Exec. VP, Penn Health System

2017 Jessica Mertz

Robert Sandler

Director, Sexual Violence Prevention

W’52, Distinguished Penn Alumnus

Unknown C. Louis Borie III Penn graduate and architect
Unknown Dr. Frank Bacon Hancock Former Medical Advisor to Penn athletic teams
Unknown Arthur Latham Church
Unknown Morris L. Clothier
Unknown Charles Day
Unknown Thomas Blaine Donaldson
Unknown Thomas Sovereign Gates University’s First President (1930-1944)
Unknown Frank Bacon Hancock
Unknown Robert Carmer Hill University Trustee, namesake of Hill College House
Unknown Samuel Frederic Houston University Trustee, son of donor for Houston Hall
Unknown Sydney Elmer Hutchinson Head of the Council on Athletics at Penn
Unknown Joseph Levering Jones
Unknown Crawford C. Madeira
Unknown Louis Childs Madeira
Unknown Randal Morgan University Trustee
Unknown Harry R. Neilson Professor of Chemistry and University Provost
Unknown George Wharton Pepper
Unknown Owen J. Roberts Penn Professor (1898-1918); Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
Unknown Sydney Thayer
Unknown Francine Walker Director of Student Life Affairs
Unknown Joseph Henry Dean of the Wharton School (1933-1939)