[stikethrough text represent passages from previous drafts]

Article I – Name:

This organization shall be known as “The Sphinx Senior Society of the University of Pennsylvania.”

Article II – Object:

The object of this Society shall be to further the interests of the University of Pennsylvania.

Article III – Membership:

SECTION 1. Membership in this Society shall be divided into Graduate, Undergraduate, and Honorary.

SECTION 2. Any student in the Undergraduate Schools (the Graduate School or the Professional Schools in the University of Pennsylvania) is eligible for the Undergradute membership, provided that if such student is in the Undergraduate schools, the student is a member of the Graduating Class (and provided further that if the student is a member of the Graduate or Professional Schools, the student is a member of that class which in the opinion of the Board of Governors corresponds to the Graduating Class in the Undergraduate Schools) . The total number so elected shall not exceed thirty.

[SECTION 3. No student who has matriculated and attended another college or university is eligible to Undergraduate membership; provided, however, that under exceptional circumstances not infringing the spirit of this Constitution, this section may be waived by unanimous vote of the Board of Governors.]

SECTION 3. In order to be eligible for Undergraduate membership, candidates shall not be permitted to apply to similar seniot honor societies as decreed by the electing Undergraduate members.

SECTION 4. Undergraduate members shall become Graduate members upon graduation of the class in which they were matriculated, provided they shall have been in good standing in the active body.

SECTION 5. Honorary membership shall consist of those members, who, on account of their services to the University of Pennsylvania, shall be deemed worthy of election. Election to Honorary Membership shall require an unanimous vote of the Board of Governors and the names of those proposed shall have been presented for consideration at a meeting of the Board before the election.

Article IV – Organization:

A. Undergraduate Body

(a) The Undergraduate body shall perpetuate itself by electing during its last term in the University of Pennsylvania not more than [thirty men who shall the following year be eligible under the provisions of Article III, Section 2. Of those not more than five shall be matriculates in schools other than the Undergraduate Schools.] twenty-three rising seniors. The Undergraduate body shall always have power to elect further members in the fall of their senior year, provided the total membership for any year shall not exceed thirty.
[(b) In the Undergraduate body there shall not be more than five members of any one fraternity, nor more than five belonging to no fraternity.]
(c) Names of [candidates for membership in the Undergraduate body] the elected members shall be submitted to the Board of Governors [for approval before their election.] upon their initiation.

SECTION 2. The officers of the Undergraduate body shall be Chief, a Scribe, and a Pharisee, who shall be elected by the newly initiated Undergraduate body before the advent of senior year.

SECTION 3. In all matters not specified in this Constitution the Undergraduate body shall be governed by [its By-laws. Any By-law in conflict with the Constitution shall be void. Notice of an amendment to the By-laws shall always be sent to the Secretary of the Graduate body for the approval of the Board of Governors before its adoption.] majority vote.

[SECTION 4. The Chief of the Undergraduate body shall submit to the Board of Governors a report of his term in office at the expiration of the same.

SECTION 5. The retiring Pharisee of the Undergraduate body shall submit to the Board of Governors at the first meeting in June of each year a financial report of his term in office and a statement of assets and liabilities, which shall have previously been audited and certified by two members of the Undergraduate body appointed by the retiring chief. ]

SECTION 4. The Chief, Scribe and Pharisee of the Undergradute body shall submit their respective report to the Society at the expiration of their term.

B. Graduate Body

SECTION 1. This body shall consist of the Graduate members and Honorary members.

SECTION 2. Officers and Board of Governors. The officers of the Graduate body shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer, who, together with [six] nine other Graduate members and [two] three Undergraduate members, who shall be Chief, Pharisee, and Scribe, shall constitute a Board of Governors.

SECTION 3. Duties and powers of Officers and Board of Governors
(a) The President shall preside at the annual and other meetings of the Graduate body and shall be Chairman of the Board of Governors. In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall assume his duties. The President shall have power to appoint Special Committees.
(b) The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes and the other records of all meetings of the Graduate body and of the Board of Governors. He shall collect dues and upon approval of the Board shall make all disbursements. In addition to the preparation of the Ballot for the annual meeting, the Secretary shall send a copy of Article V to each member of the Graduate body one moneh previous to the date of the annual meeting.
(c) The Board of Governors shall have full power to act for the Society and any action taken by said Board shall be binding unless repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Graduate body present at a stated meeting. [The Board of Governors shall have at least one meeting a month during the college term at a time and place most suitable to the convenience of the majority of the Board. Five members shall constitute a quorum of the Board.]

Article V – Nominations and Elections:

SECTION 1. Nominations of officers and members of the Board of Governors shall be made by mail ballot. No such ballot will be honored in which the names of those nominated are not endorsed by five Graduate members and which is not mailed to the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the date of the annual meeting. The Secretary shall then prepare a ballot of those so nominated which shall be voted upon by the members present at the annual meeting.

SECTION 2. Officers shall be elected to serve for one year or until their successors are elected. The term of the Graduate members of the Board of Governors shall be [two] three years, and the three shall be elected each year to serve for the [two] three ensuing years. No member shall serve as President for more than two consecutive years.

Article VI – Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the first Saturday in December each year. The Board of Governors are empowered to change this date by majority vote.

Article VII – Annual Dues:

[SECTION 1. The annual dues of the Graduate members shall be One Dollar, payable at the beginning of the College year.

SECTION 2. Any Graduate member who is more than one year in arrears in his dues shall be considered in bad standing and shall not be permitted to make nominations, hold office, nor participate in the annual election.]

SECTION 3. All members elected prior to June 1, 1912, shall ipso facto become life members, who shall pay no further dues to the Society. All members elected subsequent to June 1st, 1912, shall ipso facto become life members if they shall have paid or shall pay ten dollars in the aggregate, as graduate dues. Such sum may be paid at the end of the Senior year or at any time within ten years thereafter, in amounts of not less than one dollar per year.

All members elected subsequent to June 1, 1922, shall pay ten dollars as graduate dues upon their initation into the Society and shall ipso facto become Life Members who shall pay no further dues. This shall not apply to members of the Class od 1923 who may have been elected after June 1st, 1922.

SECTION 4. All members shall pay dues upon initiation in the amount designated by the Pharisee.

Article VIII – Annual Initiations:

The annual initiation exercises shall be conducted jointly under the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors and the Undergraduate body in strict accordance with the formalities adopted.

Article IX – Secrecy:

This Society shall not, in any sense, be a secret society though its members shall always use discretion as to persons to whom they discuss the affairs of the organization.

Article X – Impeachment or Expulsion:

In case of neglect of duty or violation of this Constitution by an officer or member of the Society, the Board of Governors may expel, or take whatever action they deem advisable.

[Article XI – Appeals:

Appeals may always be made to the Board of Governors, whose decision shall be final.]

Article XII – Amendments:

This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the Board of Governors, subject to ratification by [the Graduate body, and on week’s previous written notice of the proposed amendment having been mailed to each member of the said Board of Governors and to each member of the Society.] the Board of Governors.