Gabriela Goitía

Major(s)/minor(s): Major: Communications Minor: Comparative Literaturegaby

Campus involvements: CityStep, Penn Anti Violence Educators (PAVE), RA for Riepe College House, Mujeres Empoderadas, Alternate Spring Break, Latinx Ivy League Conference

Interesting fact: I was born the day after a hurricane! (My mom says this explains why I’m a little intense.)

What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life? Gina Rodríguez – no contest. I connect with her character on Jane the Virgin on a spiritual level.

Favorite quote: “Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida” / “If nothing saves us from death, let at least love save us from life.” – Pablo Neruda

Which Sphinx would you be if you could be anyone? Why? Krisna because she’s a total boss and she’s also the sweetest person in the world. Plus she runs the UMC! #Goals

What is your favorite place on campus? Riepe Staff Lounge (La Casa Latina and Shoemaker Green are tied for second.)

Let’s chat over coffee aboutRap, sexual violence prevention, colonialism, dogs, your favorite songs, your favorite memes, and honestly anything your heart desires!