Kai Kornegay

kaiMajor(s)/minor(s): Major: English with a concentration in Africana literatures and cultures Mino: Urban Education research, policy, and practice

Campus involvements: Tangible Change, African American Arts Alliance, Lambda Alliance, Penn Anti Violence Education

Interesting fact: When I was 7, I had my little brother thoroughly convinced that I was tri-lingual (spoiler alert: I wasn’t)

What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life? Aja Naomi King

Favorite quote: “My heart is not peripheral to me” – June Jordan

Which Sphinx would you be if you could be anyone? Why? Krisna Maddy, or should I say K-Sizzle! She’s going to save the world, and she’s going to save the music industry too. Like she said, “on the beat, tryna get like me,” and I’m really, really tryna get like that wonderful woman!

What is your favorite place on campus? LGBT Center

Let’s chat over coffee aboutAstrology, the state of the American education system, your favorite children’s books, family recipes, pink labor