Sarah Cornelius

sarahMajor: Political Science Minors: Urban Education Policy, Research and Practice; Hispanic Studies

Campus involvements: Penn Education Society, Netter Center for Community Partnerships, Epsilon Eta Environmental Fraternity

Interesting fact: I had to quit the violin when I was in 3rd grade because every time I played it I would pass out.

What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life? I’d want it to be Julia Louis Dreyfus but Maggie Smith seems more accurate.

Favorite quote: “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.” – Mary Oliver

Which Sphinx would you be if you could be anyone? Why? Krisna – she is so full of light and she rocks the color yellow and she has dedicated herself to the pursuit of finding the best pancakes in Philly, which I really admire.

What is your favorite place on campus? The window bench at the end of the 4th fl hallway in Cohen

Let’s chat over coffee aboutWhat you fill your mind/heart/soul/stomach/free time with, your pets, my cats, education policy, ~democracy~, backpacking, nature (human and mother), Bob Dylan, minimum wage laws in Pennsylvania.