Paul Miller Award

The Paul Miller* Award is periodically given to a senior Sphinx Society member who:

  • Has most selflessly and significantly contributed to the betterment and missions of the Sphinx Senior Society and the University of Pennsylvania during his or her years at Penn ;
  • Demonstrated collaborative leadership with others in the Penn community on a significant program or project; and/or
  • Inspired and led other campus leaders to enhance the Penn community as a “leader of leaders.”

*Paul Miller C’83, Scribe, was an outstanding member of his class and the University community while at Penn. Despite suffering from a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, he excelled in a variety of disciplines, was active in the Mask and Wig Club as a star performer, and graduated cum laude. His greatest achievements, however, took place following his graduation. Paul was a tireless fighter for just causes. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Paul helped pass the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act barring discrimination on the basis of disability, then worked to see the legislation implemented. President Clinton named Paul a commissioner of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, on which he served from 1994 to 2004. He became a professor at the University of Washington Law School, and later returned to Washington, DC to work in the first year of the Obama administration as Special Assistant to the President, with responsibility for managing political appointments at the U.S. Department of Justice and other positions in the new administration, as well as for positions relating to disability programs. Paul suffered from cancer during the final decade of his life, and despite several operations, passed away in October 2010. In sum, Paul Miller was an outstanding campus leader and later distinguished public servant.


  • 2012-   Luis Ernesto Del Valle, C’12, W’12
  • 2013 –  Alec Miller, ENG’13, W’13
  • 2014 –  Dau Jok, C’14
  • 2015 –  Rishi Simha, W’15
  • 2016 – Victoria Chen, C’16
  • 2017 – Gavriela Reiter, C’17