Penn Senior Awards

Awarded annually at Ivy Day, the Senior Awards recognize seniors that have actively contributed to campus life through activities and leadership as selected by their peers.  Sphinx has had the honor of having many of its members as recipients of these awards.


The tradition of awarding the “wooden spoon,” as it was known in the 19th century, is so old that its origins  predate all student publications. The spoon is symbolic of first honors among the senior men.

This award grew out of a mid and late 19th century of class rivalry at Penn best known as the “Bowl Fights. Eventually it came to be presented with the spoon to represent the 2nd most prestigious honor.

CANE AWARD      Another of the class rivalries was the “Cane Fight.”  In 1891, the senior class added the award of the cane to those of the spoon and the bowl for the 3rd most prestigious award given to the senior men.

SPADE AWARD    Derived from Ivy Day, in which the parting seniors plant a sprig of ivy to signify the growth and spreading of the senior class, seniors have elected a spade man since 1896 to symbolize 4th honors among senior men.

The first honors among senior women is named for one of Penn’s great pioneers in women’s education. The Hottel award was established in 1959 to honor “intellectual competence, commitment to ideals and principles, and loyalty to the University of Pennsylvania.”

The 1969 senior class decided that more women should be recognized for service to the university as well as to honor the  Gaylord P. Harnwell, a distinguished nuclear physicist who had served as President of Penn since 1953. The 2nd women’s award is therefore given in honor of president Harnwell.

Like the Harnwell award, the Goddard award was established in 1969 to recognize exemplary service to the University community. It is named in honor of a prominent professor of Botany, who served as Provost of the University from 1961 to 1970.

First presented in 1977, this award was named in honor of a woman who served as dean of the College for Women from 1958 to 1975, and who fought for women’s equality long before it was accepted. The Brownlee Award is symbolic of fourth honors among the senior women.
First presented in 1957, this award was named in honor of Rabbi Stephen Wise, a very prominent rabbi in mid-20th century America. The award is given each year to an “undergraduate senior who, by his or  her character, personality, and activities, has contributed to the strengthening of relationships among religious groups at the University.”


  • 2016 – Bobby Lindquist (Spoon), Jame Meyer (Goddard), Mahalatchmi Subramaniam(Brownlee), and Brad Hebert(Penn Alumni Student Award of Merit)
  • 2015- Taylor Culliver (Cane); Rishi Simha (Spade); Ariel Koren (Hottel); Joyce Kim (Harnwell);  Victoria Ford (Goddard)
  • 2014 – Ethan Jones (Bowl); Pulak Mittal (Cane); Jonathan Rosenbaum (Spade); Urja Mittal (Harnwell); Tania Chairez (Brownlee); Muhga Eltigani; Mia Garuccio (Wise); Dau Jok (Penn Alumni Student Award of Merit)
  • 2013 – Jonathan Youshaei (Spoon); Alec Miller (Cane); Isabel Friedman (Harnwell); Pallavi Podapati (Goddard); Alexandra Fuchs (Wise)
  • 2012 – Jibran Khan (Bowl); Luis Ernesto Del Valle (Spade); Katie McCabe (Hottel); Faye Cheng (Harnwell); Maria Bellantoni (Wise)
  • 2011 – Matt Amalfitano (Spoon); GJ Melendez-Torres (Bowl); Adam Behrens (Cane); Janice Dow (Harnwell); Wendy De La Rosa (Goddard)
  • 2010 – Arthur Gardner Smith (Spoon); Zac Byer (Bowl); Sam Adelsberg (Spade); Eileen McKeown (Hottel); Claire Choi (Harnwell); Sakina Zaidi (Brownlee)
  • 2009 – Brett Perlmutter (Spoon); Wilson Tong (Spade); Erica Evans (Goddard)
  • 2008 – Puneet Singh (Spoon); Jason Karsh (Bowl); David Helfenbein (Cane); Sarah Abroms (Hottel); Colleen Donovan (Harnwell); Shirley Liang (Brownlee)
  • 2007 – Andrew Kaplan (Spoon); Ezra Billinkoff (Spade); Catherine Mark (Hottel); Caroline Gammil (Goddard); Alexis Ruby Howe (Brownlee)
  • 2006 – Pierre Gooding (Spoon); James Fanelly (Bowl); David B. Diesenhouse (Cane); Spencer G. Scharff (Spade); Rachel Fersh (Hottel)
  • 2005 – Darryl Wooten (Cane); Jason Levine (Spade); Jennifer Choi (Goddard); Imanni Wilkes (Brownlee)
  • 2004 – Jason Levy (Spoon); Amy Potter (Goddard)
  • 2003 – Arshad Hasan (Bowl); Lincoln Ellis (Spade)
  • 2002 – Joshua D. Klein (Spoon); Dana E. Hork (Hottel); Jennifer Kwon (Wise)
  • 2001 – Raymond G. Valerio (Spoon); Theodore E. LeCompte (Bowl); Malhar N. Saraiya (Cane); Jared S. Susco (Spade) Diana M. Caramanico (Hottel)
  • 2000 – Tariq Remtulla (Spoon); Charles (Chaz) Howard (Bowl); Andrew Exum (Cane); Aaron Fidler (Spade); Jennifer Brown (Harnwell);
  • 1999 – Rasool A. Berry (Cane); Joshua A. Zeichner (Spade); Sarah B. Gleit (Goddard)
  • 1998 – Andy Kline (Spoon); Tal Golomb (Bowl)
  • 1997 – George Holt (Cane); Josh Gottheimer (Spade); Katinka Domotorffy (Harnwell)
  • 1996 – Leonard Chang (Spoon); Gil Beverly, Jr. (Bowl); Tamara Dubowitz (Hottel); Heather Dorf (Goddard)
  • 1995 – Wayne Wilson (Cane); Michael Turner (Spade); Jordana Horn (Harnwell); Tama Weinberg (Wise)
  • 1994 – Kaplan Mobray (Spoon); Jun Bang (Goddard); Kirsten Bartok (Wise)
  • 1993 – Lincoln Singleton (Spoon); Allison Rouse (Bowl); Jeffrey Lichtman (Cane); Hallie Levin (Wise)
  • 1992 – Ira James Hillman (Spade); Helen Jung (Wise)
  • 1991 – Bart Barre (Spoon); Samuel (Buzz) Thomas III (Bowl); Eric W. Apple (Cane); Susan Moss (Wise)
  • 1990 – Franklin Ferguson (Bowl);
  • 1989 – Michael Karz (Spoon); Seth Berger (Bowl); Robert Tintner (Spade); Suzanne Pappas (Hottel); Traci Miller (Harnwell)
  • 1988 – Michael Jaffee (Spoon); Quintus Jeff (Cane); David Yao (Spade); Laura Fuller (Wise)
  • 1987 – Michael Gordon (Spoon); Bruce Lefkowitz (Cane); Sam Elias (Spade); Wendy Ferber (Hottel)
  • 1986 – Glen Schuster (Spade); Jennifer Weiss (Goddard)
  • 1985 – Richard Katz (Cane); Robert Kramer (Spade); Vicki Bernstein (Hottel); Karen Barr (Wise)
  • 1984 – Robert Wilson (Spade); Karen Glass (Goddard); Pam Seidenman (Wise)
  • 1983 – Paul Little (Spoon); Paul Miller (Bowl); Paul Lebovitz (Cane); Marc Rodriguez (Spade); Elizabeth Cooper (Hottel); Laurie Dameshek (Goddard)
  • 1982 – David Sherman (Spoon); Charles Rich (Bowl); Scott Boden (Spade); Cheryl Saban (Hottel); Barbara Cantwell (Harnwell)
  • 1981 – Kenneth Hall (Bowl); Russell Brooks (Cane); Myles Berkowitz (Spade); Allison Accurso (Hottel)
  • 1980 – Mark Lerner (Spoon); Mitchell Portney (Cane); James Reardon (Spade)
  • 1979 – Anthony Price (Spoon); Steven Glaetta (Cane); David Lieber (Spade)
  • 1978 – Mitchell Blutt (Spoon); Trish Brown (Hottel)
  • 1977 – John Auerbach (Bowl); Thaddeus Maciag (Cane); Warren Feldman (Spade); Rebecca Peikes (Harnwell)
  • 1976 – Jerry Marcus (Bowl); David Levine (Cane); Mitchell Berger (Spade); Tracy Dibble (Hottel); Cynthia Chanenson (Goddard);
  • 1975 – Stephen Greeley (Bowl); Judson Stein (Spade)
  • 1974 – Paul Masson (Spoon); Benjamin Ginsberg (Bowl); Ruth Ann Price (Hottel)
  • 1973 – William Keller (Spoon); Ralph Easely (Cane); Anita Sama (Hottel); Laureine Knight (Goddard)
  • 1972 – Robert D. Morse (Spoon); David L. Calhoun (Bowl); Stanley E. Startzell (Cane)
  • 1971 – Steven Borenstein (Spoon); Steven Bilsky (Cane); Judith Teller (Goddard)
  • 1970 – James A. Hively (Spoon); Ira R. Harkavy (Bowl); Stephen A. Talesnick (Cane); Bernard E. Zbrzeznj (Spade)
  • 1969 – Robert B. Anyon (Spoon); George R. Burrell (Bowl); Patrick M. Norton (Cane);
  • 1968 – William N. Scott (Spoon); Alexius C. Conroy (Bowl); Ben J. Mortensen (Cane); Donald M. Morrison (Spade)
  • 1967 – Albert H. Turkus (Spoon); Jeremy R. Rifkin (Cane); Marc J. Turtletaub (Spade)
  • 1966 – Thomas F. Lang (Spoon); Bruce E. Molloy (Bowl); Richard R. Ragan (Spade)
  • 1965 – John R. Rsses (Bowl); Norman P. Hetrick (Cane);
  • 1964 – Ramon J. Carazo (Spoon); Bourne Ruthrauff (Bowl); John DePasquale (Cane); John S. Packard (Spade)
  • 1963 – John E. Wideman (Spoon); Peter R. McCarthy (Cane); Louis P. Buck (Spade)
  • 1962 – Michael Natale (Spoon); Conrad DeSantis (Bowl); Francis Carmone (Cane); Steven Eisen (Spade)
  • 1961 – Jon Greenawalt (Spoon); McBee Butcher (Bowl); Charles Kalme (Cane); Albert Donzanti (Spade)
  • 1960 – Bernard E. Berlinger, Jr. (Spoon); John T. Jerbasi (Bowl); Alvin V. Shoemaker (Spade)
  • 1959 – Jon M. Huntsman (Spoon); Robert W. McCafferty, Jr. (Bowl); M. Carl Shine (Cane); George A. Katterman (Spade)
  • 1958 – Walter G. Schroth (Spoon); Francis J. Riepl (Bowl); Joseph E. Trimble, Jr. (Spade)
  • 1957 – Richard G. Tyrell (Spoon); Charles M. Meredith, III (Bowl); Edward G. Ware (Cane);
  • 1956 – David G. Kline (Spoon); Frank A. Weidknecht (Bowl); John C. T. Alexander (Spade)
  • 1955 – Karl K. Hoagland, Jr. (Bowl); Martin I. J. Griffin, Jr. (Spade)
  • 1954 – Roger P. Craton (Bowl); Edward A. Gramigna (Cane); Robert W. Denney (Spade)
  • 1953 – Ernest J. Beck (Spoon); Peter M. Yurchak (Cane);
  • 1952 – Donald P. Scanlon (Spoon); Alexander J. Jaffurs (Bowl);
  • 1951 – Francis J. Bagnell (Spoon); Philip J. Moloney (Bowl); Bernard E. Lemonick (Cane); Bruce H. McLoud (Spade)
  • 1950 – Harry L. Wettlaufer (Spoon); John C. Hackney (Bowl); L. Edison Mathis, Jr. (Cane); Edwin R. Igler (Spade)
  • 1949 – Charles J. Bednarik (Cane); Irving H. Peak (Spade)
  • 1948 – Jerome F. McCarthy (Bowl); Erwin J. Antoni (Cane); Frederick J. Durkin (Spade)
  • 1947 – Michael J. O’Neill (Spoon); Francis P. Crossin (Bowl); 1946 No Awards (Spoon); No Awards (Bowl); No Awards (Cane); No Awards (Spade)
  • 1945 – No Awards (Spoon); No Awards (Bowl); No Awards (Cane); No Awards (Spade)
  • 1944 – No Awards (Spoon); No Awards (Bowl); No Awards (Cane); No Awards (Spade)
  • 1943 – Edw. F. Ryan (Spoon); Robert E. Walton (Spade)
  • 1942 – Richard W. Havens (Spoon); George H. Dixon (Bowl); Eugene H. Davis, Jr. (Cane)
  • 1941 – John T. Cumbler (Spoon); Franxis X. Reagan (Bowl); Robert W. Troup (Cane); Rix N. Yard (Spade)
  • 1940 – Robert MacDonald (Spoon); Max H. Leister, Jr. (Bowl); Robert M. Edmiston (Cane); Warren B. Smith (Spade)
  • 1939 – Charles W. Diven, Jr. (Spoon); Frederick B. Bamber (Bowl); Robert G. Allman (Spade)
  • 1938 – Roy A. Manzel (Spoon); Robert E. Dougherty (Bowl); John Y. Burgess, Jr. (Cane)
  • 1937 – Guy G. Della-Cioppa (Spoon); E. Craig Sweeten (Bowl); Francis T. Murray (Cane); Gene D. Gisburne (Spade)
  • 1936 – John Scott Neill (Spoon); Joseph Escherick, Jr. (Bowl); Josiah C. McCracken, Jr. (Cane); Arthur Darnbrough (Spade)
  • 1935 – Robert L. Freeman (Spoon); Kenneth A. Hashagen (Bowl); Charles M. Swift (Spade)
  • 1934 – Robert L. Tescher (Spoon); Donald S. Kellett (Bowl); Edwin D. Lewis (Cane); Roy W. Engle (Spade)
  • 1933 – Wililam A. Carr (Spoon); Joseph M. Case (Bowl); George A. Munger (Cane); George H. Martens, Jr. (Spade)
  • 1932 – John A. Mayer (Spoon); Jeremiah Ford, II (Bowl); William S. Graupner (Spade)
  • 1931 – Bernard E. Berlinger (Spoon); Jason N. Peterson (Cane); W. Wodman Derr (Spade)
  • 1930 – Duncan S. Briggs (Cane); Lemuel A. Geyer (Spade)
  • 1929 – Paul T. Scull (Bowl); Joseph G. Schaaf (Spade)
  • 1928 – Jack J. McDowell (Spoon); J. Folwell Scull, Jr. (Bowl); Edw. W. Hake (Cane); Eugene J. Connell (Spade)
  • 1927 – Paul P. Davenport (Cane)
  • 1926 – Karl E. Robinson (Bowl); Robert A. Eichelberger (Cane)
  • 1925 – Rea B. McFraw (Spoon); William E. Lingelbach, Jr. (Bowl); Robert A. Streeter (Spade)
  • 1924 – John Dern, II (Spoon); Clifford B. Reeves (Cane); W. Thornton Martin (Spade)
  • 1923 – George H. Sullivan (Spoon); John C. Thurman (Bowl); Thomas B. K. Ringe (Cane); David F. Cavers (Spade)
  • 1922 – William C. Grave (Spoon); Walter H. Huntzinger (Cane); Lawrence A. Brown (Spade)
  • 1921 – Daniel J. McNichol (Bowl); Elisha J. Bingham (Cane)
  • 1920 – Marvin R. Gustafson (Spoon)
  • 1919 – No Awards (Spoon); No Awards (Bowl); No Awards (Cane); No Awards (Spade)
  • 1918 – No Awards (Spoon); No Awards (Bowl); No Awards (Cane); No Awards (Spade)
  • 1917 – John M. Clark (Spoon); Joseph A. Russell (Bowl); Spencer S. Shannon (Spade)
  • 1916 – Gordon A. Hardwick (Spoon); William E. Chickering (Bowl); James Edwin Meredith (Spade)
  • 1915 – Albert Journeay (Spoon); Jason C. Patterson (Bowl); Jason V. Merrick, III (Cane); Horace Butler (Spade)
  • 1914 – Louis A. Young (Spoon); Louis C. Madeira, III (Bowl); Chester A. Minds (Cane); Jason F. Van Vechten (Spade)
  • 1913 – Theo F. Dillon (Spoon); Lon W. Joundet (Bowl); Frank McM. Breniser (Cane); Lemuel B. Schofield (Spade)
  • 1912 – Emanuel H. Shoemaker (Spoon); Horatio H. Morris (Cane); Edmund Thayer (Spade)
  • 1911 – Ernest B. Cozens (Spoon); Alton Bennitt (Bowl); Raymond L. Smith (Cane); Helmuth M. Kiesewetter (Spade)
  • 1910 – Henry P. Braddock (Spoon); Allen I. Smith (Bowl); Eugene A. Wood (Cane); Duncan A. Worrell (Spade)
  • 1909 – Sewell H. Corkran (Spoon); Warren Sheble (Bowl); Edw. B. Robinette (Cane); Stockton Townsend (Spade)
  • 1908 – Robert C. Flowell, Jr. (Spoon); Dudley Shoemaker (Bowl); Howard A. Emig (Cane); Richard M. Philler (Spade)
  • 1907 – Hunter W. Scarlett (Spoon); Lloyd P. Jones (Bowl); John W. Townsend, Jr. (Cane); Edw. Hopkinson, Jr. (Spade)
  • 1906 – Jason D. Taylor / Russell Thayer, Jr. (Spoon); Louis J. Shoemaker (Spade)
  • 1905 – John Arthur Brown (Spoon); Harry C. Weeks (Cane); Frederick W. Marchall (Spade)
  • 1904 – Ralph R. Zane (Spoon); Marshall S. Morgan (Bowl); William O. Miller (Cane); Warren H. Porter (Spade)
  • 1903 – Albert R. Brunker (Spoon); William W. Whitmore (Cane)
  • 1902 – John C. Boltz (Spoon); George M. Piersol (Bowl); Jason P.W. Crawford (Spade)
  • 1901 – T. Truxton Hare (Spoon); Frank Flavell (Cane);
  • 1900 – William Thackera Read (Spoon)


* This is an incomplete list.  As the organization learns more of its history and members, this list will continuously be updated